(Posted on: 2016-02-06)

    To have a spicy sex life and super healthy, not just send just in time H. There are a number of small actions that can change drastically the rapport and the passion of the couple during sex.

    To maintain a lasting relationship and full of happiness, the two need to invest in pleasantries, compliments and other ‘secrets’ that strengthen the love not only in bed, and beyond. Here are what key actions to further improve this intimate moment:

    1. Praise

    You know those compliments from start dating? Use them again and learn to admire the partner. Smiles are never too!

    2. Carts unintentionally

    Small steps like hold hands and make a caress can approach much the couple. Some relationships end ‘cooling’ over time and this trick is perfect to fix things.

    3. Take care of yourself

    Love yourself, practice physical exercise and have a healthy life. If you care for will feel much happier, and you can bet that the partner will love it!

    4. Do not expect special dates

    Do not wait for a special occasion to wear their best clothes or bet that wonderful perfume. Every day and every moment can be special.

    5. Talk during the day

    Send messages throughout the day to someone you love is a simple way to demonstrate interest, caring, concern and even desire. If you’re in the mood, you can also bet on two-way messages. Infallible!

    6. Find out and learn

    Look for more information related to sex. How about innovating new positions, meet new fetishes and even try some toys?

    7. Do not depend on the other

    Who said the couple have to do everything together? Privacy and space are good for any relationship. Not worth giving up your favorite hobbies and their individual activities. This attitude ends up boycotting the relationship than helping. Dependence is never good.

    Remember that all the tips should be practiced by both sides. Both the man and the woman must work together to improve life together.

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